Social Service


The mission of Social Service Department is to facilitate communications and interactions between patients, their families and the Hospital and to provide robust emotional and psychosocial support to patients and their families in compassionate manner with the aim of reducing the impact of illness by alleviating their fears and helping them cope with their current health status with due respect to confidentiality issues all through.

Our Medical Social Worker attends to patients and their families who have difficulties coping with their emotional, psychological, social and care problems arising from ill health and traumatic injuries. As an inter-disciplinary team player, Medical Social Worker collaborates with the healthcare team and community resources to provide patients and their families holistic care.


Counseling & Therapy

Medical Social Worker is extensively involved in counseling - managing issues from illness coping, illness anxiety, grief and loss, bereavement, single motherhood and other emotional distress. Patient with disability needs special care and Social Worker provides required services to reduce the impact of disability.

Financial Assistance

The Medical Social Worker also helps the eligible patient by arranging medicines, equipment, and financial support through contacting governmental/private agencies, and/or sponsor.

Interpersonal Violence Intervention

Medical Social Worker provide risk assessment, safety planning and emotional support for victims of family violence, including domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. Our Medical Social Worker also care for victims of sexual assault-empowering them through empathy and supportive services.

Grief and Bereavement Support

Our MSWs provide grief and bereavement support to families whose loved ones died of sudden or traumatic deaths.

Hanan Alkhaldy

Medical Social Worker