Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Being pregnant is indeed a wonderful experience and most pregnant mothers want to have the best possible care for themselves and their babies. Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Al-Yousif Hospital is committed to give the highest standard of care to mothers and newborns.

The Obstetric Unit consists of a well-equipped special labour and delivery suite& has a gas delivery system for pain relief during labour, advanced foetal monitoring and post-delivery neo-natal resuscitation facilities.

Epidural analgesia is offered. A pediatrician remains in attendance for all Caesarean Section & deliveries, while a Special Care Baby Unit handles premature infants or those requiring special attention.

Antenatal Package

  • The moment you get pregnant, you book with our hospital. Your first visit will involve a detailed consultation, few blood tests, urine examination, Ultrasonography and plan for your subsequent visits to the antenatal clinic.

  • Antenatal Education Program

  • This program offers a variety of antenatal and postnatal classes so that the women may prepare themselves for the demands of labour. Strategies for staying healthy throughout pregnancy, managing pain during labour, stress management, pain relief etc are included in these classes.

  • Fetal Assessment & Ultrasonography

    Fetal assessment forms the major part of antenatal care and is done by the most modern USG machine and fetal monitors to assess your baby's health.

    High Risk Pregnancy

    Self-paying Patients Hospital policy requires that self-paying patients deposit the estimated cost of treatment prior to or at the time of admission. Cost estimates can be obtained from the Admissions Office prior to admission. However in case of emergency life saving treatment will be provided without any delay.

    The department also provides expert management for the entire range of gynaecological disorders

    Out-patient services include pre-conception counseling, Parentcraft classes, Infertility clinic, and comprehensive antenatal and postnatal care. Also offers amniocentesis for detecting foetal abnormalities. There is also an active "Well Woman" clinic where facilities for cervical cytology, hormone replacement therapy and contraception advice are available.

    Noha Mahmoud Ibrahim
    OB & GYN specialist
    OB & GYN master
    Dr. Raana Bibi Muhammad
    OB & GYN specialist

    Dr. Osama Kamal
    OB & GYN Consultant






    Dr. Dalia Mubarak Elbashir
    OB & GYN specialist