Nursing Department

Al-Yousif Hospital nursing department provides nursing care and service in an environment where patient centered care, respect and trust are evident in all interactions with our patients, caregivers and colleagues.

Primary nursing is our nursing care delivery system which operationalises the professional accountability of the registered nurse. The concepts on which primary nursing are based are continuity of nursing care for patients, the acceptance by a designated nurse for the accountability for the outcomes of nursing care and the overall coordination of care of multiple disciplines.

Quality Improvement Program allows for a systematic, deliberate, and on-going mechanism for the evaluation and monitoring of professional nursing practice in terms of the quality patient care and organizational management.


We are committed in providing efficient, high quality nursing services of both gender and age groups.


Nursing Department aspires to be a nationally recognized model of professional nursing practice committed to excellence.


Al Yousif is guided by Islamic ethics embracing principles of integrity, compassion and excellence along with accountability and team work.


The Nursing Department is committed to:

  • provide for equipped and competitive nursing work environment;
  • provide continuous educational and training programs to nurses;
  • promote an environment that is patient - friendly;
  • provide equal care in an environment with racial diversity;