Patient & Family Education



The Patient/Family Education Teaching Plan is designed to create an effective organizational structure to implement patient/family education.


The Patient/Family Education Teaching Plan is a written patient/family educational plan or lesson plan, which outlines all requirements to effectively teach a patient or group of patients with the same condition.

There are many teaching styles and plans. Each health facility should have its own format which suits the facility's patient/family background and the educational goals and learning objectives required. It is the responsibility of a multi-disciplinary team to design the patient education-teaching plan. Our hospital will create a patient education committee whose members are multidisciplinary.


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which your body does not produce enough insulin or is unable to properly use the insulin that it does produce. Insulin is a hormone that is essential to change sugars, starches, and other food into an energy source that can be used by your body.

When you eat food, it is turned into glucose (sugar) which is transferred into your blood stream. Insulin helps the glucose to be absorbed by the body's cells. Without insulin, glucose is unable to reach cells and provide the energy needed for daily life.


Things to do to prevent the FLU