Anaesthesiology / Pain Management

The operation theatre is under the control of the Department of Anesthesiology. Before any patient is considered for surgery the anesthetist does a pre-anesthetic check-up, which is used to assess the patient's fitness to withstand the stress of anesthesia and surgery.

The patient will meet with the anesthetist prior to the surgery to discuss the type of anesthesia he or she will receive and what to expect before, during and after the anesthetic is administered.

During Surgery

Based on the surgeon or patient's need, the administered anesthesia type can be either general or regional (epidural / spinal / peripheral / neural block).

After successful surgery the patient is kept in the recovery room for observation till he/she recovers fully from the effects of anesthesia and can be sent back to the ward for further medical care. The anesthetist provides medication for acute pain relief.

The anesthetist has a major role to play in the intensive care unit especially in the care of surgical patients and for those who require mechanical ventilation and other invasive procedures.

Dr. Shady Mahmoud

Consultant Anesthesiology & Critical Care MD Anesthesiology & Critical Care

Dr. Osama Mohamad Mohamen Mohamad

Specialist Anesthesiology & Critical Care MD Anesthesiology & Critical Care